Moustache May Starts Today

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Moustache May

This is the one month of the year that men become empowered by the hair of the upper lip. Not to be confused with Movemeber, Moustache May is a true form of expression for men to truly let their hair down.  

While there is no official Moustache May organization the loose affiliation spans across the United States. The unofficial governing body has laid down some pretty solid rules to keep in mind.

The Man Laws of Mustache May:

1- The grandeur of the mustache must be worshipped in truth and singularity. Therefore, no mustache can be accompanied by any other form of facial hair. In other words, don’t hide behind the beard. 

2. May 1st = Mustache. 

3- No complaining due to lack of action. It ruins the spirit of the stache. We are all in this together and nobody said it would be easy. Be creative with it, like "Ladies, it tickles when we kiss. Wanna try?"

4- Handlebars are discouraged. Acceptable only if you really have a Harley Davidson, or you really can kick anybody’s trash, just like Hulk Hogan or Paul Senior, from American Choppers.

5- Be proud of your stache. Don’t avoid public or mingling with the opposite sex because you are ashamed of your facial hair. The hairy upper lip is empowering!

6- It's not what's on the upper lip, it's what's in your heart. Don’t shirk participation because you think your stache is weak or pathetic. Not everybody can grow a stache like Tom Selleck. Michael Jordan got cut from his high school basketball team. 

7- Hook up your fellow Mustache May participants. If you wait tables, free drinks would be an appropriate gesture. 

8-Encourage others to grow the stache. It’s liberating, spread the love.

TheDigitel wants to see your glorious moustache. Take a pict and email them over to myrtlebeach at thedigitel dot com. You just may be featured in one of our galleries.

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