Photos and results from the 2010 Daniel Island Charity Duck Race

Image by Flickr user Tambako the Jaguar

The annual Charity Duck Race by the Rotary Club of Daniel Island came and went on Saturday, June 12.

In all some 30,000 ducks were dropped, and the first 30 ducks to cross the finish line won prizes totaling $30,000.

The Post and Courier was there and has some nice photos; check them out here.

And here's the winners

First Place $15,000
Orin Guidry

Second Place $3,000
Family Circle Cup

Third Place - Carnival Cruise 
Rod Mosley

Fourth Place $1,500
Teddie Grands Pryor

Fith Place $1,000
Palmetto Primary Care

Sixth Place $500
Mark Bailey

Seventh - Eighth Place $100
Greta Thomsen 
Daniel Ravenel

Nineth - Tenth Place $300
Linda Watkins
Beth Zink

11th Place $100
Mitch Mongell

12th Place $500 
Judy Baker

13th Place $200 
Kimberly Owens

14th -15th Place $100 
Troy Herndon 
Ellen and George Pollard

16th Place $300 
Faith White

17th Place $100
Community First

18th Place $500 
Danielle Kuykendall

19th - 20th Place $100
Richard Dowell 
Tom Leydic

21st - 22nd Place $300
William Stellings 
Sean O'Reilly

23rd Place $100
Murphy Law Firm

24th Place $500 
Debbie Clarke

25th - 26th Place $100
Jon Baber 
Allison Gregory

27th - 28th Place $300
Dave Riggs 
Kyra Morris

29th Place $100 
Dee Norton Lowcountry Children's Center

30th Place - Carnival Cruise
G.P. Diminich


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