S.C. announces six new license plate options (updated)

Image by S.C. DMVImage by 20090204-license-plates.jpg

Hey motorists: You've now got six more choices of plates you can get at the S.C. DMV.

One is for Korean War veterans, two plates for those with Silver Star or Bronze Stars, a Parrothead plate for Jimmy Buffett fans, one for the Aviation Hall of Fame, and a final one for the Cattlemen's Association.

All vitally needed, I'm sure.

Here's details about the plates and what they'll cost.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the license plate gallery is down. The gallery is back up, go check them out.

Back in November I talked about how the state's license plate system was already overloaded with frivolous choices.

The government needs to clean up their act: Just make the plates a generic grey and let folks express themselves through bumper stickers.

Thank to The State for tipping us off.

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