Snow for S.C. next week?

Image by YouTube user wsmith37bob A good old-fashioned film reel from the big snow of 1973 in Sumter.

Jot it down as a big maybe.

WIS 10 News' weather blog is stirring up it's own storm by speculating that a combination of cold air in South Carolina and moisture pushing through the Gulf could create conditions oh so right for a good dousing of snow reminiscent of the "big snow" in 1973.

In that storm the town of Rimini -- between Columbia and Charleston -- got a whopping 24 inches.

For the details you'll have to jump over to their blog.

And, not content to be on the sideline in this speculator's sport, The State has retorted with their own analysis.

The answer? No one knows, but it sure could happen.

The State's story is worth a read if for no other reason that to check out some of their shots from that 1973 storm.

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