Top ten reason why S.C.'s Sanford went to Buenos Aires

Image by Flickr user Miss_Colleen Image by 20090624-hiking.jpg He went through everything and still couldn't find those damned hiking boots.

Tim Kelly has composed the "Top Ten Reasons Mark Sanford Went to Argentina" over at The Indigo Journal.

He's done a great job, here's a taste:

- On a secret mission to hunt Nazis for the Mossad.
- F**king USAirways sent my hiking boots to Colombia, and I decided to make a sidetrip.
- Went to see a man about a horse.

Go read the whole thing.

We've got (at least) one more humorous Sanford post coming your way today; follow the latest on our "Trailgate" topic page.

As one reader pointed out, the issue about Sanford and how he's been leading this state is a serious one, but for today let's have a laugh, before we have to deal with the pain of reality.

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