Big donors are waiting for Orchestra to fix itself

Charleston Symphony Orchestra Executive Director Janet Newcomb on the orchestra's financial troubles:
There are people who feel we haven't fixed the problem. We have a lot of former donors who say, "Don't come back until you've shown me you have a sustainable model." I'm hearing that a lot more than, "Let me write you a $50,000 check."

Read more stories on this subject in our Charleston Symphony Orchestra topic page.That quote is from Stratton Lawrence's piece over at the Charleston City Paper. He does a pretty good job of highlighting how the CSO has never been a been much of a wildly successful enterprise.

At this point, I feel pretty convinced that the problem isn't money, it's a problem of having a strategy that doesn't produce enough money.

And, getting back to my reaction to the City Paper's piece by Lindsay Koob, it seems more and more that CSO needs to find a strategy that better engages the people of Charleston.