Dan on the '10% Shift' meeting and why you should buy local

Tonight there was a meeting and lecture about how spending 10% in the local economy can be a massive boon to, well, the local economy. If you weren't able to make it, fret not, Dan over at Xark! has you covered.

An excerpt:

The shtick for the Local First movement is as simple as it is profound: Spend $100 with local independent businesses and $45 stays in the community (where it's subject to the local multiplier effect). Spend that same $100 with a national chain and only $15 sticks around. The rest "leaks" right out of town. ...

Look folks, this is pretty simple stuff. We can have all the differences in the world, but here's a place where we all share the same interest. The healthier our local economies, the better off we all are, the more empowered we are to solve our own problems, and the less beholden we are to paymasters who can bail on us the moment they get a better contract in Indonesia. Not to mention the food tastes better.

Go check out the whole piece.

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