P&C responds to criticism of Charleston by ... online commenters

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In a tale of the rather bizarre, The Post and Courier has written a lengthy retort to comments left on newspapers near Seattle and at The Post and Courier's site.

Commenters had been critical of Charleston after word broke that Boeing may develop a new full-blown assembly plant in the Lowcountry.

They cite prominently this comment: "S.C. has an obscene tax base based on liquor, cigarettes, sales, and income. ... If you wonder how they get away with it, just move there and talk to the people. Not very educated, hate change, think liberals are evil, and don't mind working a production line for minimum wage (except when they are competing with the illegals, then they mind), and think educated people are snobs."

To which I have to wonder: When did folks start taking the random muck that is online comments seriously enough to write a whole story on?

If you do, then take a read of this comment on The Post and Courier's site by user High_Gravity: "Am I reading this correctly? Did the P&C just write an article about the comment section from another article? Really?"

At any rate, here's the whole story.