Oyster season gets cracking

Image by 20081007oyster.jpg

The classic recipe for a good party during Charleston's colder months requires: oysters, blue grass, and good company.

Luckily, it’s that time of year again when the oysters come out and end up on a saltine cracker with some cocktail sauce.

In a private party, Sanford Stone and Reed Manning shared their oysters with friends and family on Saturday, October 4, and the guests were loved the band, "Sanctum Sully," which means “whiskey that drinks mighty easy.” This backyard bluegrass quartet encouraged dancing and whiskey drinking, and the guests loved 'em.

So here is the formula for a great oyster roast:
Utilize a large outdoor space;
buy the freshest oysters;
distribute gloves and oyster shuckers;
supply ample alcohol and other beverages;
offer saltine crackers, cocktail and Tabasco sauce, and lemon juice;
invite your favorite local backyard bluegrass band, let your worries free, and have a great time with friends and family.

So, have fun this oyster season, and be careful with those oyster shuckers. They can do some serious damage if used without caution.

Watch for oyster roasts throughout the season, if you can't wait Bowens Island is a great local spot for all-you-can-eat oyster mania.