Race for the 7th: Poll numbers, lack of voter knowledge

We know the readers of TheDigitel Myrtle Beach are some well informed, smart (and good looking) locals who of course are going to vote on November 6th and already know all about the new 7th district but some in South Carolina don't. 

By now, news of who is in the lead according to the most recent Winthrop University poll has been all over local media. The Sun News has an extensive write-up regarding the poll and how so far Horry County chair Tom Rice is leading Gloria Tinubu. The poll shows that among likely voters, Rice is leading Tinubu by 13% but there are 10% of those polled who are still undecided. 

But, a piece of information that hasn't been widely broadcast or talked about too much is that according to the poll one-third of registered voters say they were unaware of the new Congressional district. 

FITS news has a breakdown of the numbers:

...only 38.9 percent of registered voters in the seventh district – which includes the Pee Dee and Grand Strand regions of South Carolina – are “aware that a new Congressional District had been created and that (they) lived in it.”  Another 26.6 percent said they didn’t think they lived in the district (or were unsure if they did) – while 33 percent of registered voters were completely unaware that a new district had even been created.

Those numbers are scary considering those are people who are registered to vote, folks who should be informed on the politics in their area and the changes of their district and representatives. Like FITS, I too would, "hate to see the numbers for the population at large" concerning who's 'in the know'. 

  • If you're reading this and you're not registered to vote, do so now! You can now do it 100% online (nothing to print or mail) all the info about it can be found here

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