Slow gov crossing? A rebuke of Sanford's indiscretions

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During my morning reading I stumbled on this great little opinion piece on Governor Mark Sanford's inability to hide his affair.

Read more stories on this subject in our Mark Sanford topic page.Here's a taste of what Burl Burlingame wrote from all the way in Hawaii:

The ew-ew-ew thing about Sanford is not that he’s been thrown for a loop by his heart, but that, as far as affairs go, the guy is wildly incompetent. We want our leaders to be human beings, but we also want them to be smarter and more accomplished than we are. There are meth-addict doorway dwellers who poop in public who are more capable of keeping their affairs discreet than this governor. ...

The only thing the South Carolina legislature should be debating is whether they need road signs up in Columbia that say SLOW GOVERNOR AT PLAY.

Read the full thing.

While you could most definitely make the case that Sanford was set up to take this tumble, you have to admit he's kept the ball rolling.

But even a complete ineptitude to hold his tongue still doesn't give the man a pass for his real failings as a governor.

And that's a fact that Brad Warthern didn't let escape him in his response to Burlingame's piece.