The Loftis Tea Party speech that Haley didn't want you to hear?

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Curtis Loftis is a name many in the state might not be familiar with, but you should be. Loftis is the state Treasurer whos ultra-conservative ways are already making waves in Columbia.

Elected just this past November, this Tea Party darling is making enemies with the establishment in Columbia. Especially with our newly elected Republican Governor, Nikki Haley.

Case in point was this past Monday at the not so heavily attended Tea Party Tax Day rally at the state Capital. Some say that Governor Haley granted a rare press interview just as Loftis was to begin his speech to intentionally diverting mainstream media's attention away from Loftis.

The question raised by some is- What did Haley not want us to hear from our state Treasurer? Luckily, FITSnews is there to spot light the video and to give his color commentary on the whole Tea Party rally. Head on over and check out the video.

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