Nexsen Pruet honors one of their own in the race for SC Attorney General

Nexsen Pruet, on 205 King St, entertained guests from the Lowcountry to introduce their colleague, Leighton Lord, as a candidate for South Carolina Attorney General. 

Our own Charleston Regional Business Journal broke the news of his announcement back in September. Aside from his career goals is the attention garnered around Lord for his involvement with the more notable Boeing negotiations. Just as The Post and Courier revealed, Lord was one of the major proponents in sealing the deal. 

Connelly-Anne Bartle, of Gadsden and Green Strategies, has said, "As Charleston and South Carolina grow, it is important to have safe neighborhoods and schools." 

After reading Leighton Lord's palm card and Web site, the punch line to his platform is a safe South Carolina is good for jobs, businesses, and good for families. Plainly, it makes us more attractive as a healthy, functioning state to bring new jobs and opportunities to its constituents.

That being said, a safe state and integrity towards a job accomplished wouldn't be such a terrible addition to South Carolina's reputation. And any contribution to the morality pot is appreciated these days, especially if it can yield proactive growth to South Carolina's quality of life and economy. 

Lord's next appearance in the Lowcountry will be this Saturday, December 5th. He will be entertaining an audience at the American Legion Post 166 for breakfast at 9 a.m. For more information, you may call (843)509-6027.

The other candidates for SC Attorney General, are republicans, Robert Bolchoz and Alan Wilson. Wilson also happens to be the son of Congressman Joe Wilson.

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