P&C faults Employment Security Commission for S.C.'s high unemployment woes

Faulting the S.C. Employment Security Commission for borrowing money to pay unemployment benefits and the state's high unemployment rate, The Post and Courier is saying that all of the commission's leaders need to go.

Read their editorial here.

I'll admit I haven't followed the woes of commission too closely, but it seems like the fault of a high unemployment rate in South Carolina (which caused the need to borrow money) go far further into the government that this one office. 

There's certainly hints in their piece that the office could have done more to improve the situation, but they don't argue what that is.

I suppose my point here is that if we're going to start holding folks' feet to the fire for not doing enough to help the job situation in South Carolina, we need to start looking at the governor's office and Legislature, too.

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