A case for not applying 'all the rules' to bikes

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Xark! has an excellent article on the debate about the future of bicycles in Charleston.

Read more stories on this subject in our bicycle topic page.If you've been following the Holy City's bicycle saga, you know it looks like we're headed to a tradeoff of more privileges for cyclists along with the requirement that bikes obey the rules of the road.

And that where Xark's piece steps in and says a big "Woah!," in part:

If "all the rules of the road" means that a cyclist, approaching a wide-open intersection, with no cars approaching, has to come to a complete stop before crossing, or must wait for some light to turn green, then we've fundamentally misunderstood the technology, its role in transportation, and the purpose of the rules themselves. ...

Which is why I believe that American bicyclists should all follow the rules of the road -- but then break them, carefully, deliberately and correctly whenever they become impediments to safe, smooth public transportation.

It's a really well-crafted piece that's very worthy of a read.