S.C. Democrats fumbled this election season

Chairman of the Oconee County Democratic Party, Ken Campbell, laments about the lack of progress for the Democratic Party in South Carolina on the November 4, in part:
Then we dropped the ball.

Despite the fact that it had become clear to even the most recalcitrant Democrat that Obama was changing the dynamic in state politics, the party failed to use the two months before the filing deadline to recruit new candidates to challenge Republicans for legislative and congressional offices. The results were that Democrats didn’t even have a candidate in 40 percent of the legislative races. You can’t expect to win when you don’t even show up to play nearly half the time.

It's a point well taken. Sometimes you hear about how South Carolina is a stalwart Republican -- a claim that certainly has merit -- but sometimes the successes of the Republicans rely on the lack of challenges by their opponents.

It's a very good read the says loads about the state of Democratic Party in much of South Carolina. So, head over to The State for a read.

Thanks to the Indigo Journal for tipping us off.