The Post and Courier criticizes city's traffic management

An editorial chastises the City of Charleston for its changes last year to Peninsular traffic lights. The Post and Courier says:
Some years ago the city of Charleston considered a uniform speed limit of 20 mph on the peninsula, but was told by the state that the change couldn't be made under state law. It seems safe to say that "traffic calming" measures now have effectively managed to accomplish what couldn't otherwise be done. All the more reason to maintain a better flow on the city's few major corridors — north-south as well as east-west.

Currently, though, 20 mph might not seem so bad to the motorists caught in traffic slowdowns on major north-south thoroughfares serving the lower peninsula. Waiting through multiple light changes before getting through an intersection is a common experience.

I've driven downtown before and after and noticed the difference. Some sections are better while others are much worse, it needs tweaking for sure.

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