Beach tents may be asked to move to the back (Update)

photo by flickr user andrewmalone

Update July 10, 2012:  Reports from North Myrtle Beach indicate that the rules are mostly being enforced, as well as mostly being followed.

Personal experiences along the beaches in Myrtle Beach proper have brought me to the same conclusion.  In addition, I have yet to see any resistance by tent-users when they are asked to relocate. 

First report:  The Myrtle Beach City Council continues to deliberate the fate of tents and canopies on the beach.  The newest possibility is a "do not cross this line" policy.

Good news.  You may still be able to seek shade in the form of a tent or large canopy on the beach, but you might be asked to set it up at least ten feet behind the umbrella line.  The change is in an effort to maintain order and safety on Myrtle Beach beaches. 

The upside is that the tents/canopies will no longer obstruct the views of lifeguards tasked with keeping beach-goers safe.  The downside is that if want to enjoy the water, you'll have to walk farther and park yourself firmly in the sun to do so.  You can read more in this WMBF story

The Myrtle Beach City Council is scheduled to meet again on Tuesday, June 12, 2012.

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