Death from above: Horry County starts aerial assault on mosquitos

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Look at that little jerk....

Making a switch to a more environmentally friendly mosquito killing pesticide, Horry County has started their air-strike on mosquitos. 

The new pesticides won't be sprayed out of the back of trucks like the current varmint slaying chemicals but instead they will be sprayed from planes. The new pesticide, Zenivex is said to be odorless and kills those little blood suckers 20 minutes faster than the current chemical, Malathion

Even though the new bug killer is safer, caution is urged when spraying. Make sure to stay indoors, and know that after the chemical is sprayed the mosquitoes get a little aggravated and go into a little biting frenzy for about an hour. For the full write-up and more tips for safety during spraying and where exactly they will be spraying, click on over to WMBF News.  

  • If you would like to know more about the old chemical used in mosquito spraying, head over and read what the EPA has to say

Where do mosquitoes come from anyway?55

Mosquitos go through four stages during its life cycle:

  • Egg: hatches when exposed to water -swamps, large puddles of standing water. 
  • Larva: lives in the water; molts several times; most species surface to breathe air.
  • Pupa: does not feed; stage just prior to emerging as adult.
  • Adult: flies short time after emerging and after its body parts have hardened
  • Bites me: Smashed in utter contempt. 


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