Kayakers, prepare for a more kayak-friendly Charleston

Image by Flickr user buck82

In a revamp of the Murray Landing, located on the south end of the S.C. Highway 7 bridge, the Charleston Parks Department plans to construct a kayak and canoe launch on the Ashley River.

Currently, the landing at the bridge is just a slab of concrete. The plans consist of adding a fixed pierhead attached to a walkway, which would be outfitted with a floating dock, a canoe and kayak access platform, and two observation platforms. Talk about a huge upgrade!

But that's not all. The plan also includes access lanes from both sides of the bridge, 16 parking spaces, lighting, landscaping, and bike racks and a bike rack for all you cyclists out there. However, some of these items are alternate build items, meaning that it won't be built if it doesn't fit in with the budget.

As you can imagine, canoe and kayak enthusiasts (along with cyclists) are excited about the plans. What's next? Written statements about the plan will be sent to the Charleston District of the Army Corps of Engineers by July 26. Then the state Department of Health and Environmental Control will receive written statements by August 10.

For more details, head over to The Post and Courier for their in-depth report.

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