Mosquito population abuzz due to recent rain (Update: West Nile and spraying)

photo by flickr user tkw954

Update 8/27/12:  A recently rainy spell leaves us in the same "the mosquitoes are out of control!" place as we were last June.  The appearance of West Nile virus has made an appearance in South Carolina and spraying are scheduled.

As reported by the Sun News, our state typically sees less than seven cases of West Nile virus per year.  As of last week, there are 28 thus far this year.  The virus can be deadly and results in flu-like symptoms, though up to 80% of those infected do not feel ill.

Green Sea, Loris, Red Hill/Lee's Landing, Bakers Chapel, and Red Bluff are scheduled to be sprayed today, Monday through Thursday beginning at 7 p.m.  You can read more details about the chemicals used and a special alert to those raising honeybees in this WMBF story.

First report: Where's my fly swatter?  The mosquito population in Horry County is out of control due to recent rain. 

Spraying is planned this week for the Garden City, Loris, Wampee, and Dongola/Catesbay areas.  However, if you feel like the situation needs attention in your area, you can alert the Horry County Stormwater Management Department's Mosquito Control team by calling (843) 915-5160.

For more information about mosquito control in Horry County, check out their site.  It includes several videos and tips for ridding your property of breeding opportunitues for the pesky little creatures.  Should you be bitten, don't panic.  Here is advice from the experts at the Mayo Clinic on how to treat the itchiness. 

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