Tracking Mary Lee's close proximity to Grand Strand beaches (Update)

Update, December 6, 2012: She's baaaaccckkk....

The Sun News has the latest on Mary Lee's whereabouts. Want to track Mary Lee yourself? Head over to

First Report: Mary Lee, the Great White shark, weighing nearly 3500 pounds, was "pinged" again yesterday near Huntington State Park as she continues her tour of the eastern seaboard.

Once you get over the fact that really, really big fish are out there and close to the shoreline in the big blue Atlantic Ocean, questions start to pop into your mind about how she was spotted.  It wasn't nearly as cool as the spectacular close encounter a couple had fishing in Cherry Grove this summer. Instead, Mary Lee's presence was detected by OCEARCH, a "non-profit organization with a global reach for unprecedented research on the ocean's giants."

OCEARCH tags sharks for the purpose of research and Mary Lee's first interactions with scientists was in Cape Cod. You can watch her movement, as well as the movement of other large sharks on the OCEARCH tracker map.  

To read more, swim on over to WMBF.

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