Open-forum session today at MBACC held to help develop 2013 legislative priorities

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The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce will hold a Grand Strand grassroots meeting today, Tuesday, Aug. 21, at The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce Boardroom from 1:30-3:00 p.m. 

The grassroots meeting will be set up as an open-forum session and is one of the first steps in creating the S.C. Chamber of Commerce’s ‘’Competitiveness Agenda,’’ the South Carolina business community’s annual list of legislative priorities.

The business community is already preparing for a successful 2013 legislative session to continue to improve South Carolina’s business climate, but event organizers say this important policy changing work begins at home, on the grassroots level, stating “time and again, the business community has seen the power of a unified grassroots network in pushing through vital issues and halting those that are harmful to the state’s business climate.”

Tuesday’s grassroots meeting will begin with a legislative review from the South Carolina Chamber’s public policy staff and move into an open discussion of legislative issues attendees feel must be addressed in the coming legislative session.

Once the issues the business community is facing are defined and strategies developed, the chamber will work with legislative officials to create an environment that will improve the business climate in South Carolina. Business leaders, community leaders and legislators attended last year’s regional grassroots meeting.

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