Westboro Baptist Church's anti-gay, Jewish, military rallies in Charleston (post-protest update X2)

Image by Flickr user k763 You heard it here first, God hates Lady Gaga.

Update March 23, part 2: Twitter user @Brindolyn has some excellent photos and commentary from the protest and the signs; See them here.

Update March 23: The protest has ended peacefully, but with high tensions. NBC News 2 was there and has a brief report and video.

First reporting: Westboro Baptist Church, like a circus, is traveling nationwide, stopping from town to town and putting on a show. The show is an anti-anything that is different than us event, picketing gay, Jewish and military citizens.

Spectators can come out and see these clowns spread their beliefs against others beliefs, and wonder at their pride. Spreading ideas, like, "Thank God for dead soldiers" at military funerals, and thoughtful preachings to students, like "Your parents hate you. Your teachers and instructors have lied to you. You have no jobs in the future. Obama hates you," this group may not be as family-friendly as the ring master and his acts, but they surely will leave you with the same feelings of shock, awe and disbelief. 

The rallies planned for the Charleston area are scheduled between March 22nd -24th, in ten different allocated locations.

Live 5 News has more on where the protests will be and what the police have planned for them.