Pinch on local grouper, snapper supply makes The New York Times

Image by Flickr user bradjward

Worries over the future population of local snapper and grouper have resulted in no-catch restrictions for the next several months.

This pinch on the cullinary and fishing sectors of Charleston has been highlighted by Christine Muhlke for The New York Times.

She says, in part: 

If this means that chefs like Sean Brock at McCrady’s and those at other Charleston restaurants who make a point of serving local seafood have to get even more creative as they steer snapper-loving diners out of their comfort zone, it also means that one of their purveyors, Mark Marhefka of Abundant Seafood, has to get more creative still to keep his small company afloat. As the 30-year veteran of the sea will tell you, he is caught in the perfect storm of nature, business and government.

The full piece is well worth a read.

And a special hat tip to the Charleston City Paper, who spotted this story.

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