Popped-collar trouble makers

Image by Flickr user mrebertImage by 20080903poppedcollar.jpg Popped collars are starched with trouble, well, according to the Charleston City Paper anyways.

With all the to-do over low pants, Charleston City Paper has found more than a few moments to make fun of the issue. They start off:
Citing an irrepressible crime wave, Charleston City Councilman Francis Fussbudget suggested a first line of defense on Sept. 1, proposing a ban on popped collars.

"It started with the kids raising hell at the Yacht Club," he told his fellow council members. "Then they were stealing polo shirts from the Banana Republic. Now, they're nothing but cokeheads and Oxycontin pushers."

It's humors for sure, but we'll see how much flak they get for poking fun of an issue many municipalities have taken gravely.

Go read it.

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