What the South Carolina voter thinks about the candidates

The State has assembled a selection of quotes to show how the facets of the S.C. voter feels about the battle of McCain vs. Obama.

It's an interesting collection of voices that sheds some light on what your fellow South Carolinian is thinking. -- But don't just stop at the page we're linking to. The State has a number of PDFs with more quotes. Those pages are linked to on the left side of the story.

Go read it.

But, what I found most interesting, was this comment left on the page by user "walterrhett," in part:
Especially in the state named for the English king who was restored to the throne, after a popular revolution, and in the state that saw more battles in the Revolutionary War than any of the others, and in the only state to have an African majority when it adopted the Constitution, casting a vote has special meaning.

South Carolina going McCain is almost a sure thing, but your vote has tons of symbolic importance -- and there are tons of important local races.

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