Charleston looks to start city-backed valet parking (update: pilot program)

Image by Flickr user John Pozadzides

Update December 11, getting serious: Looks like the idea is starting to get some traction, enough to where a pilot program might be implemented.

The Post and Courier has a good update on the who, what, why, and how; take a read here.

Update August 5, progress: City officials met with residents and business owners at a public forum yesterday to discuss the pros and cons and field questions and concerns about the proposed valet service in downtown Charleston.

While Police Chief Greg Mullen said valet parking fits into "the natural evolution in a city" and helps "create an experience" for diners, local business owners are not so keen on the idea altogether.

To learn more about what went down at yesterday's forum, head over to The Post and Courier.

First reporting, idea: What to do when you're a city that prides itself on good livability and historic streets that aren't terribly good at providing parking? Think about getting into the valet parking business.

Live 5 News has a report that the City of Charlesotn is considering starting a trial program.

A lot of sense to the notion, but I can already see a target larger than a Hummer painted on this idea.

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