Folly Beach considers ban on alcoholic beverages (updated)

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Copious amounts of litter on Folly Beach after the Fourth of July celebrations has officials considering placing a ban on alcoholic beverages on the beach.

The amount of trash left on the beach shocked residents and was described as "disgusting and embarrassing."

The Post and Courier has an article on the issue.

Update July 9: has a copy of the letter written by Bubber Hutto, which has been a large focal point in the debate.

An excerpt:

Up to this point, I’d have to say that I have avidly supported allowing alcohol on the beach, but after seeing what our day visitors left behind, both still out on the beach, and back along the streets in residents’ yards, to be picked up by the people who live on Folly Beach, I’ll have to say that as of 4 July 2009, I have now changed my stance. It was such a disgusting and embarrassing thing to see that instead of walking out to the beach to watch the fireworks show, we simply went back home.

Go check out the article and discussion.

Also Folly Beach wasn't alone in waking up to a 5th of July disaster, Morris Island was left with many boat loads of trash. That's a story we'll have more on soon.

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