Lowcoutry students assess the debate

A group of Lowcountry students held an argumentative discussion regarding the presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain from Wednesday night, October 15.

The Post and Courier assembled this group of teens, who are well versed in the debate forum, to analyze the debate as they would in a competition. They assessed the candidates' performance critiquing Obama and McCain on their public speaking abilities.

The students were asked to ignore personal political stance, and to focus on the strengths in the performances. The Post and Courier discussed one student's conclusion:
Medha Chandorkar, 15, is a sophomore at Academic Magnet High School in Charleston County…She called Obama the winner because he used more statistics and evidence, and that's what Chandorkar must use when presenting her arguments in a competition.

Many of the students shared their deductive opinions of the debate between presidential candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain. It is comforting to know that the Lowcountry youth are concerned with politics and are able to form their own, educated analyses of current events.

Head over to the Post and Courier to learn what other students thought about the debate.

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