The Morris Island mess: A plea to not crackdown too hard with new rules

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Last week word came that Morris Island beach goers would have to abide by new rules to ensure the undeveloped and pristine island stays that way.

But over at The Morris Island News, an editorial has been penned that asks for the City of Charleston to not crack down too hard. In part: 

My only remaining concern is how the City of Charleston now views the island. According to all reports Morris Island will now be managed just like any other park within city's jurisdiction and that is a mistake. The island may share some common characteristics with other parks, such as being a public place for recreation and relaxation, but the similarities stop there.

Go read the whole editorial.

Like with most rules, it doesn't matter how strict they are, only that they're enforced. And the problem on July 4th was that no one was enforcing the rules, not that the rules were too lenient. 

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