Charleston Fashion Week Key Hair and Makeup Lead Ashley Brook Perryman

Q: What is your role as CFW’s Key Hair and Makeup Lead?

A: My Job entails working with Ayoka Lucas’ creative direction to create the hair and make up for each show. I attend model castings which is one of my favorite parts of CFW! We see a lot of amazing talent, and have a lot of interesting moments (think “American Idol”, William Hung). I meet with the retail stores and designers months in advance to discuss hair and make up for their shows. I work with the amazing team at Stella Nova to translate the looks to the runway. I hand sketch and select all make up templates used for CFW, so that the many artists working backstage will have all the information they need per show. I am at every production meeting, creative meeting, and am backstage every night of CFW- I LOVE IT!

Q: You’re best known as a professional hair and makeup artist who works on well known commercial, film and print shoots. Like all the time. How did you get to where you are with CFW and in your career otherwise?

A: MY CAREER=LOVE OF MY LIFE! I grew up imitating "pert plus" shampoo commercials in the bathroom mirror at age five and using magic markers as an alternative when I got in trouble for using my grandma's make up. I moved to LA at almost 20 for hair and make up school (MUD). I knew that I had to go where it was at- Hollywood. Loving what I do has had a huge part in it, and a very strong work ethic. A good attitude can be the most important thing next to your make up kit. However, I've found no one really tells you about the years of experience you must gain, and dues you must be willing to pay. You have to want it, love it and sacrifice just like any passion or dream. And for me, any day that I'm working in this industry is another day that I'm happy living my dream. I am so thankful!

Ayoka Lucas has been an incredible inspiration and mentor to me in Print/Fashion Editorials. I remember coming back from L.A. to Charleston thinking that there was no way fashion existed in Charleston, S.C. TRUE STORY: I remember getting my oil changed and picking up a Charleston magazine. The cover was gorgeous. I looked at the fashion spread, all styled by her, and I thought "Thank GOD". I was back in L.A. for awhile and flew home for the test shoot with her. We have worked on some amazing shoots together since. She has really formed the fashion industry in this city, bringing out the best in everyone involved. The 2nd year of CFW she approached me to help design the layout of the Hair and Makeup tent (new at the time). The next year, my role was more about the creative hair and make up design, translating this to the amazing team of hair and make up artists executing the looks for the runway.

Q: What’s your favorite makeup or hair product you’re using right now?

A: Hair-MOROCCAN OIL!! I'm as blonde as I can be (hair color wise!) and this oil is great for processed hair. Make up: Urban Decay “Alice in Wonderland” eye shadow make up palette. AMAZING COLORS and I'm obsessed with the movie...

Q: Walk me through a day in your life leading up to CFW.

A: When I'm not on a shoot it’s:

8am: Do hair and make up for me! (which usually involves a bow/flower hair accessory) Also listening to 40's on 40 Sirius radio. 9am: Coffee and answering emails about final hair and make up selections. 10am: Meeting with CFW participants to pick up hair and make up images and discuss any questions/issues. 12pm-4pm: Sketching hair and make up face charts and selecting lipstick/blush/etc for every show. 5pm: Picking up hair accessories for stores/designers/creative meetings with the Runway Coordinator. 7pm: Typing up information and organizing the book of creative hair and make up instruction for each show. 12am: Answering emails/printing out CFW creative images for the hair and makeup book with my Pomeranian Minnie looking at me like I'm crazy.

Q: What trends are you really feeling in beauty?

A: Right now, I'm loving how nothing is off limits- super fun eyelashes/bold lip/rocked out eye liner. You'll see a lot of trends and influences on the runway this year!

Q: Where did the creative influences come from for this year’s shows?

A: Every Designer and Store is soo different! We have: David Bowie, 1980's punk, Studio 54, coco chanel, nerdy chic vs. hipster rock, 80's Blondie, Vintage 50's-60's BARBIE, Parisian couture, VEGAS, 1940's hair and make up, Roller Disco, Boho and Mongolian influences.

Q: Walk us through what it’s like working backstage during CFW.

A: Starting at 9am: Double check the day’s show needs. COFFEE! Emails and noting any last minute changes. 12pm: Triple check the plan for hair and make shows and make a check list. 1:45pm: Arrive at the tents, make sure hair and make up stations are ready and electrical is good to go. 2pm: Meet with Stella Nova's Master Organizer Laran to discuss any issues or things to be aware of such as quick hair and makeup or model changes. 2:30pm: Team meeting with Stella Nova's hair and makeup artists to go over the night’s plan of action (usually holding a cup of caffeine of some sort). 3pm: Models arrive and check in. Hair and make up starts working- myself included. 4pm: Model patrol, making sure everyone is accounted for with Laran. Stores start arriving and setting up accessories. 5pm: Redbull #3. Checking model line up and finish times for hair and make up. 6:00-6:30: Doors open at CFW...You can feel it! Touch base with the Runway Coordinator for line up times and touch ups for models who've gone to dressers. 6:45: Quick Prayer to the "Hair and Make Up Gods" for good luck. Models are lined up, ready to go, and you can feel the energy that the first show is about to begin. 7-9pm: Running around making sure the right model is lined up for the right show, doing touch ups. Bobby pins and hair are everywhere, I’m applying make up changes, rushing models to the line up, checking hair and make up, and running up and down the line to ensure every hair is in/or out of place if it's suppose to be. 9:45 pm: Hair and Make up is packing up and cleaning up, to get ready to do it all over again the next day. 10pm: Change, and add eyeliner! AFTER: The Crew heads out for a night of celebrating the nights shows and people involved. Charleston is a different city. You can feel it...

Q: What beauty trends should we take away from 2010?

A: Lady Gaga's make up inspirations of course! Don't be afraid of bold color/shades and have fun! Bronzed/natural foundation. "Jersey Shore tans" are a NO NO.

Q: Which shows and events are you particularly excited about and why?

A: THATS A HARD ONE! I'm excited for all of them of course :) but I'm very very excited for Mychael Knight's collection debut! Mary Porter's Parisian couture show is going to be amazing, eye candy! Hampden Clothing is always nothing but fashion forward and cutting edge with amazing fun/freshness.

Q: What models or emerging designers do you have your eye on this year?

A: I can honestly say that every one of the emerging designers have completely blown me away this year. It’s going to be a night no one will forget! The talent is insane. Emerging designers always come with fresh ideas for hair and make up for the runway. It’s going to be a close one. I'm glad I'm not judging!

Q: You always look so put together, even after working 16 hr days. So, dish up. Give us the pro tips!

A: To be honest, I have very little time if any to worry about myself, so I try to maintain a natural look that can be maintained all day. I do have to say that eyeliner is my best friend, along with Smashbox concealer. So, the pro-tip I have is: Lots of water and moisturizer. Your foundation is essential to how the rest of your make up will look. Eyebrows- I have to fill mine in a little everyday. I find it also pulls everything together to be more polished. Bronzer/Blush: Adding warmth to your face is cheerful and a healthy glow is essential. LIP GLOSS: I recently went on a snowboarding trip (first time) and had my lip gloss confiscated. I’m a gloss-aholic. SMILE: most important.

Q: Any beauty secrets you’d like to share?

A: There is something beautiful about everyone naturally, the secret is taking care of it. Oh- And EVIAN MOISTURIZING WATER SPRAY TRAVEL BOTTLES! Small enough for the plane! The best for when you're traveling and they’re crucial in these hot summers for a refresher! I give everyone a "spritz" who sits in my chair.

Q: You’ve got a roster of celebs you’ve worked with so far. Who are they and is there anyone you’re dying to work with that you haven’t thus far?

A: Yes! I have been so blessed to have worked with amazing people in this industry, awesome actors, musicians, politicians, and directors. The local crews I have been a part of have been sensational. I look forward to working with many more in the future! I've always dreamed about working back in the MGM OLD HOLLYWOOD days, Marilyn Monroe/Judy Garland, So if anyone has a time machine...?!

Q: What are your plans after the shows?

A: I can't wait to enjoy the energy that CFW brings out in the city. There's nothing like it! My plan is to celebrate all involved, and to take it all in.

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