Charleston’s Newest Theatre Just Got Twice as Funny

The relevant and hilarious Charleston History Mystery opens October 19 

Two months after opening with the comic whodunit, Inspector NoClue’s Murder Mystery, the Black Fedora Comedy Mystery Theatre is premiering The Charleston History Mystery, filled with references to Charleston’s past and present.  

Fans of historical fiction, those interested in Charleston’s past, and those who ain’t afraid of no ghosts are hereby cordially invited to attend. What’s the plot? Guests will be visiting da finest speakeasy in all da low country —  a fine upstanding establishment operated by one of Charleston's most infamous families. 

The audience will join the Terrible Townson Family of Cha’leston, South Carolina — present and past — for a hootenanny. Some will become Townsons themselves, while others may be feisty meter maids, spooky characters from Charleston’s past, or just members of a tour to some of Charleston’s strangest locales. 

The show will expand The Black Fedora’s house cast to include College of Charleston students, hysterical veteran actress Bunny Johnson (who won’t allow us to mention her age), Brittany Bryant, Saralyn Ortiz, Emma Scott, Nicole Wells, Kelly McDavid, Charlie Watts, Alyssa Nasce, Andrea McGinn, Kyle Magley, Deborah Culbreth, Christie Wilkin, theatre co-owner Sherry Wade, and two Charleston tour guides, Brian Stewart and Glenn Orange, who have added greatly to the historical accuracy of certain parts of the play.  

Staying true to The Black Fedora’s mission, The Charleston History Mystery is a whodunit, where the audience must figure out the murderer’s identity and make their guesses before the solution is finally revealed. It’s a fun, funny, slightly spectral look at Historical Charleston ... and it would be in y’alls best interests to attend! 

What: The Charleston History Mystery: a Hauntingly Historical, Hysterical Whodunit, dishing out the dirt at the NEW Black Fedora Comedy Mystery Theatre! 

When: Tuesdays @ 7 p.m.,  Fridays @ 7:30 p.m., Sundays @ 4 p.m. (Inspector NoClue’s Murder  Mystery running Thursdays and Saturdays @ 7:30 p.m.) 

Where: The Black Fedora Comedy Mystery Theatre, 164 Church Street (Mere shoeprints from the downtown City Market) 

How Much: $24 (adults), $15 (children under 12) 


  • $20 Senior/Military Discount on Sundays 
  • $12 Student Discount on Thursdays 
  • $10 All Tickets on Tuesdays 

 Tickets and Info:, 843 WE SMILE (843-937-6453) 




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