Chinese Cupping - Or How to dupe the Alternative Health Public.

Chinese Cupping - Or How to dupe the Alternative Health Public.

Massage Therapy is my life, my career, my bread and butter. But as a holistic healer who tries to remain grounded and positive while on my path in life, I would not be able to practice with sound mind if I included some very questionable modalities within the Massage and Spa industry,whether working for a spa or in my own mobile massage company.
I like to make money, I just don't care to sell illusions to people .
Chinese cupping is a therapy usually involving small cups or bowls resembling fish bowls,that are quickly heated and then placed on different areas of the body coinciding with the clients problem areas. The heated bowls create a vacuum and attach to the skin securely for a period of time, supposedly pulling toxins and disease from either internal organs,muscle,or skin tissue. What is actually happening is damage to blood vessels and skin tissue, and you are no more having disease pulled from your body than if someone were to suck on your skin with alot of pressure.... yes, you get a *hicky*, all over your body, and why not ? You pay plenty for it! Might as well get as many as possible right? At an average 70-100$ per hour session of this garbage therapy, which equates to about 10$ per hicky!

I have empathy for my people out there seeking relief from chronic pain and problems, but always question and research these "ancient practices" before you spend any money on sugar pills. Keep in mind some practices are ancient because we have progressed in knowledge and now know better.

Book A Massage with me if ever in the Myrtle Beach area, I don't offer Illusions, just a damn good Massage.

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