ILWYW Notes: On Pins & Buttons

Take two pins and call us in the morning(don't really.)_______________________________________________________________Pin Facts
Active Ingredient                                        Use
temporarily relieves these symptoms due to boredom, or lack of imagination or style
+blandness +conformity +"missing something"
Ask a stylist before use if you
+like to use flair as self expression +usually wear too many accessories +find hundreds of little holes in your clothing due to over-pinnage +have shaky hands
When using this product
+keep it to a five pin minimum +if using five pins, keep them close to each other, for an almost united look +avoid the 10-year-old girl look +aim for sarcastic, interesting, or very simple images on basic plastic, round, buttons/pins +sculpted gold pins are for classy/classic feminine looks or can be used for a nice sarcastic twist on dark "badass" girl looks +be aware that piercing your fabric will indeed cause holes in your clothes -don't be drunkKeep out of reach of anyone who wears Disney paraphernalia as a fashion, or believes in everything crafty and has the potential to get flair-happy.Directions
adults and experience stylers take full advantage of these nice accessories
everyday style lovers take some time to make sure you wear these fun pieces well
children go crazy. you'e a kid and can get away with it
Pin offerings from local designers:
Whimsies by Marsha
Mu-yin Jewelry(an ILWYW special pick for local jewelry designer!)

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