Ion Foot Detox - Or How to dupe the Alternative Health public

I'm only going to talk about this subject briefly, as this subject isn't worthy of much verbage.
I will explain what is going on during this "detox" therapy. Your feet are placed in a tub of warm water with some minerals usually added to the water, as any salt based compound will work.
Once your feet are submerged, the "ionic unit" is placed in the water and immediately the "detox" begins as brown, green, beige and yellow sludge starts to surface in the water. What is happening here is the salt,water,electricity, and normally a copper rod connected to the unit starts to create oxides, which is what the sludge is floating on the water.It is no more than rust, yet many spas,chiropractors, and amateur holistic healers will have you believe this contraption is drawing toxins out of the body.. these practitioners of this garbage therapy even have color charts that show what toxin from which internal organs is being drawn out.

I believe in Massage Therapy and the many benefits it provides to my clients, but I refuse to sell or practice a therapy that I not only believe to be no more than snake oil, but can also be dangerous, as some people may have serious health issues and are relying on con artists to help them when they truly should seek professional medical attention. I am a strong advocate in debunking a lot of alternative health practices, and I will voice my opinion about these fake therapies as often as I can. Please watch this video clip to see the chemical reaction for yourself and acknowledge that this is just another scam duping people seeking help


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