Local MMA/Fitness Trainer Responds to Growing Popularity and TV Exposure of Mixed Martial Arts with New Program


Charleston, SC –Jason DeCorte, Chief Instructor of FitStrike, announced that he has expanded his curriculum and services for both beginning and advanced students, with the new FitStrike MMA-Based Fitness Program.


 “A number of national cable TV channels, such as Spike TV™ and Pay-Per-View™, offer mixed martial arts (UFC, PRIDE and K-1) as athletic entertainment programming, attracting a diverse and significant audience,” said DeCorte. “The FitStrike MMA-Based Fitness Program captures the excitement and enthusiasm created by the TV fights, but provides drills and materials that are age-appropriate, safe and fun for all ages, and highly competitive for adolescents and adult students, especially young men and women. Mixed Martial Arts-based fitness training is also popular and beneficial training for law enforcement officers and military personnel.”



FitStrike is proud to bring to the community this new and exciting approach to a more practical and modernized system of Martial Arts/Fitness training.  Classes include everything from boxing drills, kicking drills, ground fighting and real-life scenario training, as well as Street-Smart Self-Defense and Defensive Tactics.  All training is done in the client’s home or office location, eliminating the need for the student to travel anywhere to train.  This system of training ensures more personal attention, faster learning and a new style of convenience that is much needed in todays busy society.


FitStrike promotes and strives for the highest standards of age-appropriate curriculum, leadership training, child safety and security, business integrity and professional ethics.  You can learn more about FitStrike’s methods and programs at  

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