Social Wine Bar’s Extreme Porroning

What is “parroning’ exactly?  Well, you can google it if you like, but all you’ll find is this muy entertaining video made by Social Wine Bar.  As any well-versed wine-o knows, a parron is a traditional Spanish wine pitcher made of glass. 

Wikipedia notes:  ‘To drink from a porró, as a beginner, start by bringing the spout very close to your mouth and tilt it forward slowly so the beak points towards your teeth.  To finish drinking, as a beginner, you should slowly lower the porró and bring it back down and closer to your mouth again before stopping, quickly tilting the spout up at the last moment so you don’t spill any on yourself… Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to start and stop drinking from the porró with the spout held at a distance without spilling a drop.’

It seems the guys over at Social have mastered the craft of drinking from a parron in an extreme fashion… parroning, if you will.

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