SOS Healthcare: Caring for the Community.

Mission Statement

To partner with our community in providing hope to our neighbors in need of medical and  related care.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to be an organization that is proactive and always moving forward.  It creates its own future, is results focused, and seeks to achieve impact that adds value to a large group of stakeholders.  It honors traditions but values change which it sees as a necessary part of an evolving world.  Internally, development is almost sacred.  People routinely exchange resources and share new ideas.  Everyone is connected internally and externally.  “What ifs” and “what’s out there” are considered normal parts of conversation.


Who They are:

SOS Healthcare was created in 1989 to provide programs and services to people in the community that might not normally receive assistance with medical and related needs. SOS Healthcare is a non-profit organization whose major goal is to educate and give support to the people who need it to be able to appropriately care for their loved ones who might be unable to do so otherwise. Programs such as Service Dogs, an organization which raises golden and Labrador retrievers to be service pets to families with autistic members, and Caring 4 Kids, a program designed to help families with urgent needs such as health, shelter and nutrition, have partnered up with SOS Healthcare to get the word out about the many programs offered here in Horry County. Visit the SOS Healthcare website for numerous links to community organizations whose aim are to give assistance to those in need and is provided through donations from the community, please feel free to stop by and help support this great organization.


Who is served by SOS Health Care:


SOS Health Care, Inc is a local grand strand based charity. Its main focus is to help those less fortunate with the hard times in life such as health care for children and women who have been diagnosed with cancer but cannot afford the treatments. The community is served by volunteers that not only donate money to this heartwarming cause, but who care for the causes being championed through proper networks. SOS Health Care is a blanket of sorts for many different smaller charities, a lot focusing on children of the community. Through SOS Health Care a family of four that lives paycheck to paycheck can afford to pay for an autism specialist for their daughter, or that single mom that was diagnosed with breast cancer has some where to turn when treatment payment options have been expended. Low Income women can now turn to SOS Health Care to seek woman’s health services. It is local people, helping local people. A community united to stand against the poverty that would let real cases slip through the cracks.




SOS Health Care has accomplished so much since it conception in 1989. Having over 10 different smaller groups under the SOS Health Care family to provide service for people diagnosed with autism and women’s health programs. A tough time for children is the holiday season; families must rely on the paying bills or getting food on the table instead of gifts for the children. Christmas can seem very “un-magical” for a child in poverty. SOS Health Care saw this growing problem and decided to act creating Substitute for Santa, a program where money is raised to provide money for children around the holidays, so they too can experience the magic of the holiday season. The money is divided so some of the money is spent on necessary items (i.e. shoes and undergarments), but the rest can be spent as they see fit. SOS Health Care is one of the leading grand strand autism awareness and child growth charities around. Through donates and supporters in the community this charity will grow by leaps and bounds to further the treatment and funding for all the programs it offers

 What’s New for 2012-2013:


In April of 2012, SOS moved into their new clinic building in Surfside Beach. Also during that same week, Mr. Jim Coulter retired from his position Financial Manager but was voted in and agreed to serve as Treasurer. Board development training began in June in order to provide board members with the tools necessary to keep SOS compliant with the best practices.



Upcoming Events:


On December 11, 2012 SOS Healthcare Inc, will hold “Substitutes for Santa” to benefit needy children in Loris. The night will begin at Ultimate California Pizza Game Zone on Lake Arrowhead Rd for children to enjoy free pizza and game time while paired up with a volunteer. After that they will continue their night with a motor coach trip to Walmart, where volunteers will assist the children in picking out toys and necessities.  Both donations and volunteers are needed. Deadline to volunteer is 11/28/12 or until full. 


On April 13, 2013 SOS Healthcare Inc, will hold their annual “Building Futures for Autism 5K Run and 1 Mile Dog Walk"- Details yet come.

  Needs: SOS Healthcare needs volunteers, so please if you feel inclined contact them at 843-449-0554


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