South Carolina Labor Department Makes Cuts

Photo by Tom Ventura

As we mentioned the other day, Cutting Budgets and tightening the belt is the new normal. And the same goes for the S.C. Labor Department.

The S.C. Labor Dept. is doing away with 44 positions. That may not sound like a lot of jobs, but it is 10% of the S.C. Labor Dept. labor force.  Along with the elimination of jobs, 29 other workers are being reassigned.

The 73 affected employees are part of the agency's Professional and Occupational Licensing Division, responsible for handling initial licensure applications and renewals, investigating alleged misconduct complaints by licensees, and overseeing other board needs.

The agency sent out a statement saying the reorganization, which will take about two weeks, would make the division run more effectively and be more accountable to customers.

They go on to say this will make for a more streamlined S.C. Labor Dept. Continue reading over at The Sun News to find out what the S.C. Labor Department handles and there is a little piece about a Virgina Company buying a North Charleston Hotel, "which is described as 'a hip extended-stay hotel experience.'"


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