Waccamaw Community Foundation: Creating Organizations to support our community

Waccamaw Community Foundation is a group that serves the Horry/Georgetown Community by helping charities find the money they need to serve the community.  WCF serves as a charity for charities in a way.

The Waccamaw Community Foundation (WCF) in the beginning only consisted of a small group of two which grew into a group of twelve. In 1997, the group of twelve and the community began discussing present and future issues within the community. The WCF is an affiliation of the Foundation for the Carolinas that was formed in 1998 by local citizens. In February 1999, united by a community bond the future of the Waccamaw Community Foundation was determined.  In April 1999, they received 501(c) (3) status which allows them to be tax exempt. Since its establishment in 1999, they now have a board consisting of nineteen individuals. They also have a staff that consists of a President, Director of Finance and Website Management, and Director of Programs.

The Mission of the WCF is to help the community grow through the community.  The goal is to help the community find effective and easy ways to maintain funds for organizations in the community that are beneficial to the area.  The foundation strives to get people in the community involved in making it a better place to live by helping the organizations they care about grow and prosper through financial donations.

 The foundation seeks to make changes in the community through people. It helps to enforce balance for  communication so that any situation can be resolved and prosper into new opportunity for the communities.  Getting the community involved will help provide organizations that help people grow and learn now as well as in the future.

The Waccamaw Community Foundation serves Horry and Georgetown counties as well as the Myrtle Beach area.  It helps charities find funds to benefit the area.  The foundation is active in helping organizations such as Literacy Groups, FFA Club, Helping Hands, Waccamaw Animal rescue, Environmental Land Projects, Salvation Boys and Girls Clubs, Davids Blanket of  Hope and many more.

The greatest accomplishment for WCF is the addition of more grants for local charities and organizations.   As of the end of the second quarter of 2012, the WCF has awarded $583,246.07 in grants. The many great stories of success are also accomplishments deserving of recognition like a young boy making blankets for cancer patients or a group that helps handicapped animals

370 Looking forward into 2012, the WCF is having their first fundraising event called Food for the Soul which is featured on their Facebook page.  All of the proceeds will go to the organization and will help the community.  A successful event could lead to other fundraising efforts for the group.


The group also plans to provide several scholarships to local students in 2013.  WCF feels that education is important to the community.  On the WCF website, there is a link that details each of the scholarships available to local students.   

If you are looking for a local charity to work with, Waccamaw Community Foundation can help you find the one that is right for you. 

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