Waccamaw Youth Center “a place to call home”

The Waccamaw Youth center helping young men accomplish their goals. A great success all around!

The Waccamaw Youth Center was founded in 1988 as the Advocating for Children’s Community Treatment. In February of 2001 they opened their doors as the Waccamaw Youth Center. They saw the need for a place that would house and help develop young abused and neglected males. They have provided “a place to call home” for over 150 young males since their doors opened.

The objective of the center is to give these young males a place to stay in the community. The Waccamaw Youth Center accepts up to 16 abused, or neglected, males between the ages of 12 to 21. They provide the opportunity for the development of positive self-esteem. They help the young men attain these goals by providing them a stable place to live with long term therapeutic services.

The Waccamaw Youth Center’s accomplishments are gauged on the success of their residents. They recently celebrated one of their residents moving into his very first apartment. The sense of success for this organization and its residents resonates through the various posts on the Center's Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/wyc.home. These marks of success for the residents of the Waccamaw Youth Center reinforce what they are trying to accomplish as a positive force within the community.

The Waccamaw Youth Center goals are to provide these young males with the opportunities of an education and vocational training. Alongside educating they also mentor these young males and help them move forward from their past. They help these young males have the mental and physical ability to succeed in life.

The Waccamaw Youth Center has a great many needs. Their needs range from condiments to firewood. Most of their needs list consist of food and basic necessities. All of the items donated to the facility benefit the young males who they take in and care for. If you are interested in helping this organization you can find more information at http://waccamawyouthcenter.org/home10.aspx.


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