This Week Around Walkers Woods

"This Week Around Walkers Woods" is a weekly community column for the neighborhood of Walkers Woods, but pertains to the entire community of Carolina Forest.

Hello, neighbors.  I hope some of you were able to attend the second annual Chronicle Challenge Golf Tournament last Saturday.  I couldn’t make it because I spent the day with my boys at the Waccamaw Youth Center.  But CFCA president Dennis DiSabato told me that everybody had a great time despite the heat, and the rain stayed away until well after it was over. 

81 golfers competed, and the winning team was Fast Track Graphics with a score of 16 under par.  Congratulations to Mike Hough, Randy Smith, Gary Weimer and Paul Bratcher.  The proceeds that were raised will benefit the Civic Association.  Special thanks to everyone who participated.

Speaking of golf and the Waccamaw Youth Center, some of the boys are taking lessons.  They are in need of 7-irons.  So if you’re getting fed up with your game, don’t chuck your clubs across the fairway like Judge Smails in “Caddyshack”.  The WYC will gladly take them.  If you have any clubs to donate, please call the WYC office at 369-0200.

Families in the Forest, chaired by Walkers Woods resident Colleen Mills, is meeting at 6pm this Thursday, August 11, in The Farm’s clubhouse.  If you are looking to be more active in our community, this is a very worthwhile group for you and your kids to join.  They will be involved with our schools, Keep Horry County Beautiful, tree planting, our future library and recreation center, and next year’s Carnival in The Forest.  Colleen says anyone and everyone is encouraged to join, because the more people they have, the more projects they can get involved in.

Speaking of tree planting, I want to share some information I recently learned.  An excellent suggestion was made at the Walkers Woods annual meeting, according to the minutes.  A couple of homeowners suggested having our landscaping company plant trees around the amenity center, and a discussion followed regarding which trees would be best. 

I checked with my friends Rick & Mary Anne Guignon, who own the Blue Moon Nursery in Murrells Inlet.  They are experts on trees & shrubs, and they agree with the homeowner who suggested palm trees for the amenity center yard.  The Pindo Palm is the best variety, because it is strong and resilient enough for hot, dry summers and cold winters.  Even though it loves the sun and can survive a harsh summer, it thrives when watered, and is not vulnerable to disease. 

Japanese Red Maples, on the other hand, are not resilient and not recommended.  According to Mary Anne, they need to be constantly “babied” and don’t do well with excessive sun and heat.  They are also susceptible to disease and mites.

This month’s open meeting of the Carolina Forest Civic Association is 6pm next Wednesday, August 17, in the HTC building.  Our featured speaker will be meteorologist Chris Still discussing hurricane preparedness.  But don’t think this will be the typical “board up your windows and get out of Dodge” hurricane discussion, because we don’t live in the city of Myrtle Beach. 

I asked Chris to talk to us about what we need to be prepared for during hurricane season in The Forest.  He gets it, and his presentation will be for us, not for the folks who live east of Kings Highway.  The Tropics are expected to get busier in the coming weeks.  Hurricanes Hugo, Hazel and Floyd all hit between mid September and early October.  You won’t want to miss this meeting.

Log on to frequently for POA information.  If you are on Facebook, check out the Walkers Woods at Carolina Forest page to connect with your neighbors.  And if you have any items you would like me to include in this column, please send them to me at  Stay cool, and I’ll see you at the pool.  Have a great week.


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