Women Writers Forum- from Detectives to Spies

The Mystery Story Genre includes many outstanding aspects. The first, chronologically, must be "The Detective Story". This type of story began with Wilkie Collins' novel "The Moonstone"and reached it's highest level with Arthur Conan Doyles' Sherlock Holmes stories and Dorothy Sayers' scholarly articles on "How to Write a Detective Story". From this grew the sub-genre of Spy Stories with its own highest level reached with Ian Fleming's James Bond stories.

Each of these are part of a special Exhibit "The Detective, The Detective Scholar and the Spy" now at Karpeles Manuscript Museum at 68 Spring Street until December 31, 2012. Karpeles has graciously offered to open its doors for a private viewing for our Women Writers Forum, who will make a special "field trip" to view this exhibit. Attendees can meet at the C4W at 9 a.m. and walk over together, or head straight to the museum at 9:30.

Following our visit to Karpeles, we'll meet back at the C4W for coffee/snacks and be joined by College of Charleston professor Elizabeth Baker and detective/author Howard Comen. We'll discuss mystery writing and how it's infiltrated every fiction genre, from romance to women's fiction, suspense to literary fiction, and get the "real-deal" perspective from a detective whose investigations have been featured worldwide!

$25 Members and $35 Non Members, Registration Required

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