Review of DualitNewGen 47180 Toaster

The DualitNewGen combines style together with an attractive level of functionality. Quite unlike other, relatively similar pop-up toasters, this one comes with multiple unique features and still accomplishes the primary task of browning bread evenly. Which after all, is the main pursuit for any toaster to achieve.

The ProHeat elements, which incidentally, has won an award for engineering principles,  are designed in such a way that they offer extra-long lasting capability, while the sandwich cage and optional heating racks permit you to utilize the toaster in  a variety of ways which is quite unmatched by any other toaster on the market.

The assortment of case colors and classic metal architecture provides design aesthetics that will fit in with any kitchen style. Overall, the DualitNewGen offers value and sheer versatility.



The NewGen arrives with a bunch of unique features that even some of the best toasters as stated in Appliance Authority  are bereft of.

There’s the optional heating rack and sandwich cage for starters. The cage permits you to toast a full sandwich – a superb way to make deliciously grilled sandwiches both quickly and easily. The heating rack rests atop the toaster, where you can toast up oddly shaped artisan breads, pastries, and croissants. You will need to purchase both of these separately, but there’s no doubt they are unique with respect to the functionality of a pop-up toaster.

The timed-dial shade setting serves as a progress indicator and a shade selector. The dial rotates throughout the toasting cycle which gives you an indication how long the cycle must run to completion.

There ae various models of the DualitNewGen which come with two, three, four, and also six toasting slots. However, unlike many other toasters that possess at least dual slots, the DualitNewGen merely has a single toasting control, which could prove somewhat limiting depending on your needs.


Toasting Functions

There’s also a defrost function which will thaw bread prior to toasting it, in addition to a bagel function that works to toast only the bagel’s cut side. Further, there’s a warming function which serves to reheat toast should it already be cool after the completion of the browning cycle.

With this capability, which is relatively commonplace these days, it does not brown the toast any further, which is an obvious and desirable benefit for many, if not most individuals.

The manual lever is there to allow you check the progress of the bread throughout the toasting cycle, while the dial timer permits the addition of more time or the reduction of time, depending on how well done you wish your toast to be.


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