Highway 31 construction on hold (update: maybe some day)

C.A. Muller

Update 7/24/2012: Remember when we reported last year that the 31 South construction would resume in the summer? Um, yeah.

Summer is here and the grass grows taller on the stretch of groomed land at Highway 544 and 31. WMBF asks, "What gives?" and reports back here.

Update 10/10/2011: The tie-in of Highway 31 South into Highway 707 is taking even longer than expected.

The Sun News follows up on this story with a few more nuggets of information. The current plan is to get construction on 31 itself going again in the summer. But related construction projects could begin in November. Read on for more details.

it's almost as if the Grand Strand likes doing road construction in the dead of Summer. 

First Report: A lot of locals are wondering if Highway 31 will ever extend past Highway 544.

The short answer is, "eventually". While the plans have already been approved, the project is stalled waiting on the Army Corps of Engineers to sign off on the permits to finish the project. The big sticking point is where 31 will connect up to Highway 707. Once the federal nod has been given, a request for bids will be sent out adding even more time to the process. WMBF News covered this story a few weeks ago. See that here.

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