Clemson, Davidson entertain themselves and crowd

Flickr user whateyesee13

Tuesday, May 17, Clemson Tigers Baseball destroyed Davidson with a 19-0 victory. While that's great for Clemson, it wasn't really the big story to come out of the game. 

At the bottom of the first inning, the game was stopped and put on a rain delay. Instead of the players going into the dugout to wait it out and chomp on Sunflower seeds both teams decided to play in the rain. No, not baseball. Literally play! Being silly both teams put on some skits.

The below video has all the action, including: bowling, moose hunting, horse racing, pantomime football and the Canadian favorite, curling. Pretty entertaining if you ask us, and +10 for the use of the Pee Wee's Big Adventure theme song!


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