New business launches aerial attack on Canadians. (Geese, silly.)

Flickr user Tom Purves

Terrors of the tee box, scourge of the fairways: Beware! Jon Ghan of Bye-Bye Birdies has plans to evict you from your golf course communities using a variety of radio controlled impostors.

Over the last 30 years, the Canadian Geese population has exploded in the Myrtle Beach area. What better place to set up a year round residence than a lush and water plentifiul golf course?  The Sun News golf writer, Al Blondin, tells us more about Mr. Ghan's business and how effective it has been so far. Give it a gander.

There are actually several subspecies of the Canada goose and not all geese are migratory like most people believe. If you'd like to read more than any normal person should know about the Canda goose, read this report from Virginia Tech.



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