Charleston Blazing Hawks join new league, announce tournament participation

Coach Michael Mack

The Charleston Blazing Hawks have joined the Southern American League South (SAFLS) for the 2011 season.

The team has received an invitation from the SAFLS and the American Football Foundation for ten players to participate in the Tournament of Champions to be held January 13-16, 2011 in Jacksonville, Florida. This event will be the first introduction of the Charleston Blazing Hawks to the new league. The tournament will showcase some of the best prospects from Charleston who will play in an All Star game and participate in a combine sponsored by NFL organizations, Arena football organizations, and Canadian and European Leagues.

Formerly known as the Charleston Hawks, the Charleston Blazing Hawks are preparing to take their thirty-one year history as one of the longest standing semi-professional (minor league) football teams in the Lowcountry to another level. The organization takes pride in providing an opportunity for local athletes from all socioeconomic backgrounds to play on an organized sports team and give back to the community.  The Charleston Hawks have produced many championship teams playing in several different leagues, the most recent being the North South Football League. Under its new name, the Charleston Blazing Hawks, the team wrapped up the 2010 season with a winning record of 18-2 and three different league championships. 

The new owner of the Charleston Blazing Hawks is Michael Mack, who has a unique story that highlights the commitment he brings as a former player and coach of the Charleston Hawks.  His new organization’s mission is to provide its fans and supporters with the most exciting sports environment possible at the best value for their dollar. The organization is dedicated to being competitive while at the same time providing fans with a fun-filled experience at all times. All activities will be conducted within a safe and secure facility to make all games a great event for the entire family

Mack has assembled a new ownership team with the goal of creating a higher level of organizational structure, coaching and players.  It is his personal goal to transform the organization and its players into an integral component of the community dedicated to helping young men and women of all socioeconomic background become more productive citizens in the Lowcountry and beyond.  There have been many attempts over the years to find the right approach in sustaining a quality semi-professional football team in the Lowcountry.  Mack and his organization are looking for the community’s support in making this happen. 

Let’s wish the Charleston Blazing Hawks player participants in the tournament the best of luck!

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