Monday After the Masters was "best ever" - (update: TV33 video)

Photo by Myrtle Beach Scene
The Mike and Mike Morning Show

Update 4/13/2011: TV33 has posted a wrap up video as well.


First Report: 6,000 attendees were treated to an action packed day at the 17th annual Monday After the Masters.

Celebrities and professional athletes showed their stuff on the fairways and greens of the challenging Dye Club at Barefoot Resort & Golf. Even more impressive, event organizers managed to get the ESPN Radio show "Mike & Mike in the Morning" which was also simulcast on ESPN2. 

There's loads of great online coverage. has the details on the exciting end to the tourney. actually live broadcast parts of the event. You can also listen to clips and watch video of the Mike & Mike show coverage of the event. Al Blondin of The Sun News recently reviewed The Dye Club course and also has a nice wrap up article.



Mike & Mike's Tweets From "Monday After The Masters"

Live from Myrtle Beach today. 1 day ago

·   @MikeAndMike RT @PGA_JohnDaly: Mike & I after the Mike/Mike set! First time on the show & I loved their show! @mikeandmike about 16 hours ago

·   @MikeAndMike This is the bathroom they had for Greeny: about 21 hours ago

·   @MikeAndMike @PGA_JohnDalyon our show: I'm doing everything right right now and not getting results. The golf gods are paying me back. 1 day ago

·   @MikeAndMike John Daly on set with us 1 day ago

·   @MikeAndMike @PGA_JohnDaly is on our set! 1 day ago

·   @MikeAndMike #HootieandtheBlowfish @DariusRucker with us at their tournament 1 day ago

·   @MikeAndMike Some love for @LiamsMumESPN today in Myrtle Beach: 1 day ago

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